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Street Fighter V - Secrets on Stages

Usually Street Fighter Archive never focus on speculations or write about in game news and opinions, but after many years I wanted to write an article about something I've been spotting around.
I already played the E3 Street Fighter V built at a London event and had a look at many videos and pictures, noticing few interesting things in the stages and pictures revealed by now.

First of all, King's Cross London stage. Is that Maki?

We can finally have a better look at that big poster which has already been spotted with Mike Haggar, Guy(underneath, upside down) and Cody. At least this is what many people seems to notice. But on top of all of them there is another figure, which, by hair and dress colors, looks to me like the female character from the Final Fight universe. We can also read the full sentence "Thanks for being such a good friend".

Here's another look at it:

This is not necessary a clue about them being playable in the game. In street fighter IV the Skyscraper stage featured a statue of Haggar in the back and Hugo along the builders. The first never showed up and the second only in the very last iteration of the game.

The second thing spotted is the hidden cave/temple on "The Forgotten Waterfall" stage. On the right side there is an opening, which I believe would be breakable as seen in the China stage.

As you can see, we can recognise the statues and even the stone seen in Nash's promotional art, which has already spotted to be similar to the ones in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact Gill's Stage

I am not sure if there is an ending animation (like the bus or the kitchen end as in the China stage) or an extension after a knock out (like the restaurant, still in China's stage). Let's see if this will be available to try on the Beta, so in a couple of hours!

On the left side of the waterfall there might be a temple, as shown in Necalli's art. But I don't have other clues (it might be another separate stage).

These rapidly bring us to another possible conclusion. It's actually true that every character has a related stage, or a "part" of it.

Indeed, Chun-li windows are recognisable as the ones in China's stage

(which actually, don't know if you noticed, were different in the very first gameplay back in December 2014)

and the Cammy pic shows the clock of London's stage

Saying this, I really thing the London's stage left side is a breakable door (as in the China's one) which will make us continue to fight into the toilets, where you can already spot rounded mirrors as in the Birdie's Street Fighter Alpha 2's stage.

We can see that the door is in a straight position behind the player:

Same on the right side, a small door perfectly in line, which might have a similar function as the bus in China's stage, breaking the door after a knock out:

This is interesting as behind this little "guardhouse" there is a tunnel which is shown on Birdie's art:

From here we can see the back of the guardhouse and far away the big toilets door. What can you read on the left? "Colombian Roast Masters Cafe"?

There are possibilities that you can also continue the fight on this tunnel.

I think the stages are in the middle of development and maybe subjected to big changes. In the first gameplay video, on the far left of the restaurant you were able to see the kitchen, and now you can't. Also, after the knock out in the restaurant door, the following round used to start exactly across the opening, while now it's slightly more to the right:

Continuing to possibly anticipate stages, we must then expect a stage on a city road:

And probably a laboratory in the style of Seth's Street Fighter IV stage, with a massive Bison statue:

(I'm not particularly looking forward this).

If this theory is true, we might have one of the coolest stages ever seen in Street Fighter, at least in a sentimental way:

I can see a pathway, with a possibility to knock out the opponent inside an old Japanese house...

Another thing I'd like to see it's the characters with bruises after being defeated as it was in Street Fighter II and III. If you have friends at Capcom, please suggest it!

Thank you for your attention and if you had fun please share this article and talk about it around, as we have not comments on this website.

- RoxNroll -

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